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Edward Miskie

Voice Over

Full Voice Over ReelEdward Miskie
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Warm, conversational, and friendly. 

Believable, relatable, trustworthy.

Luxurious, rich, classy, and exclusive. Genuine, honest, down-to-earth: the best friend, cool dad, or big brother. 

Attitude, sexy, smooth.

Voice of god, announcer, movie trailer. 

Deep, gruff, aged, wise, raspy, edgy. 

Warm, approachable, and knowledgeable expert. 

Fun, youthful, playful, and upbeat.


TideEdward Miskie
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AltoidsEdward Miskie
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Omega Time PiecesEdward Miskie
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Creamo Beard OilEdward Miskie
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TravelocityEdward Miskie
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HTC Vive VREdward Miskie
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