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As featured in INSIDER and on ABC, Fox5, Pix11 NYC, and more.


In this fantasy, non-fiction, funny-as-cancer-can-be musical theatre fever dream fueled by chemo, alcohol, sex, & heartbreak you will experience the honest, raw & oftentimes hilarious view of our musical star Edward, as he navigates his way through the realities of being a full-time cancer patient all while scores of nurses & doctors carelessly belt & fan-kick in his face.

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Edward Miskie is a writer, singer, actor, and producer based out of NYC. He is also the author of the funny-as-cancer-can-be book Cancer, Musical Theatre, & Other Chronic Illnesses. 


As a sole survivor of a rare Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, it is with great triumph that we celebrate this, the 10-Year Cancer Survivorship Anniversary of the one, the only, Edward Miskie


Title credit to Alex Peariman

Photography by Lauren Althea

(c) 2017 Edward Miskie, Cancer, Musical theatre, & Other chronic Illnesses. 


© 2017 Edward Miskie

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